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As Prof. Youssef Diab (Université Gustave Eiffel) is piloting a civil engineering master course at the University of Liège, a webinar on "Urban Resilience" has been organized for about 15 specialized engineering students on the 9th of December 2021 at 1.45 pm (CET). It gathered 3 different speakers, with 3 different backgrounds and experiences.

On the 25th of November 2021, Pilot4DEV visited the Duluti Green Foundation Trust in the Arumeru district, Tanzania.

Today, on the 30th of November 2021, was held the final event of the Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue (P4R&D) project on green economy in Tanzania.

On the 11th of October, we visited Liège to interview some experts regarding the floods in Liège. We interviewed:

Claude Frégeac, the president of Partagence – an organization helping victims of natural disasters.

Professor Jacques Teller, an urbanist and urban and environmental engineering professor at the University of Liège.

MP Olivier Biérin, a Walloon parliamentarian from the ECOLO party in Belgium.

Urban Update is an English monthly magazine focused on urban development, municipal affairs, innovation, sustainability, environment, energy efficiency, mobility, science and technology, and business, along with case studies and success stories from Indian and global cities and towns. The magazine is an initiative of the All India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG).

Pascaline Gaborit’s (Director, Pilot4DEV) article “Necessary for cities to become resilient and adaptive” has been published in the Urban Update Magazine of September 2021.

The Consultation Event took place as part of the Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project in Tanzania of which Pilot4DEV is a partner. It has been organized by REPOA and the partners organization (Dar Es Salaam).

On the 1st of October, a workshop was held to discuss flood management in Pangkalpinang as well as the possible developments regarding Early Warning Systems (EWS).

Pilot4DEV attended the Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2021 (online).

We recognize that the climate problem has reached a tipping point. Wildfires and flash floods have wreaked havoc throughout the world in the previous few weeks. But how does the crisis affect global water concerns in particular? This is the major topic of discussion at this year's World Water Week.

World Water Week has traditionally articulated itself around a week-long conference. This year’s conference so far has been providing an opportunity to examine our relationship with natural resources such as water from a variety of perspectives, as well as to explore how we might improve circumstances for people all around the world.

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