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You are invited to discover and discuss Pascaline Gaborit (Director, Pilot4DEV) latest book - 'Climate Adaptation and Resilience: Challenges and Potential Solutions' - published in September 2022 by Peter Lang. This work has been funded in the framework of the Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities (CRIC) project of which Pilot4DEV is a partner.

The publication's objective is to develop knowledge (Pillar 1 of the CRIC Project) and analyse the current situation in relation to climate change, adaptation and resilience in a pluridisciplinary way. This is the result of a dense year of work and it is now available for purchase online at the following link.

The conclusions of this extended work relate to:

  • The primary importance of local level thinking and action. The city level is of particular interest for its possibilities of action and its ability to capture local demands, needs and opportunities for changes.
  • This first point is coupled with a need of strong community networks to implement climate adaptation actions. These trust networks are based on interpersonal relations with a strong emphasis on ties. They are essential in a complementary and collaborative work with institutions in charge. Cooperation, social networks and trust are fundamental to realize the necessary efforts.
  • Consistent global policies, funding, accountability and political will are also needed. This is about monitoring and sustainability; climate change is a long-lasting issue needing strong and persistent efforts. Consistency is needed.

It is concluded that urgent action is needed.The book has been thought for researchers, students, practitioners, decision-makers, professionals of the field… But it is available for anyone who might want to seize it, go through its various chapters and learn from very diverse expertise!

From 10:30am on the 9th of December 2022, Pascaline Gaborit will present Pilot4DEV's work, the book and its key takeovers at the Press Club Bruxelles Europe in Brussels, Europe (Rue Froissart 95, 1000 Brussels, Belgium).

Anyone interested in these issues is invited to seize this opportunity to discover this work and discuss it !

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