Connecting Stakeholders to Boost
Sustainable Development

PILOT4DEV is an independent initiative that connects stakeholders involved in the areas of Sustainable Development, Social Inclusion and Resilience. We work in a very multi-disciplinary approach involving key topics such as Governance, Dialogue, Cities’ transformation, Civic and women’s rights, Peace and Stability, and the Sustainable development Goals.

Our organization was created while realizing the need to work across borders, but also across disciplines to achieve better results in the areas of Sustainable development and Resilience. There was a need to connect the science/policy/practice interface by creating a network with researchers such as a think tank, but also with local international projects like an NGO.

Created early 2018, the organization is a network working with international researchers, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, practitioners, Experts and Cities. It gathers enthusiastic people and pioneering initiatives. It equally builds up on previous cooperation and current projects.

The objectives of the organization are:

  • To promote stability, governance, dialogue, sustainable development and SDGs for multi-level action
  • To combine research and action
  • To propose a diversity of narratives
  • To strengthen existing actions
  • To connect multi-level stakeholders for knowledge exchange
  • To work on advocacy and decision-making.

Pilot4dev is a not for profit organization and works mainly with grants. 2 years after the creation of the organization we launched 3 different EU-funded projects :

 The organization cooperates with public and private organizations which pursue the same objectives.

Our activities combine the ones of an NGO and of a Think Tank: projects, advocacy, events, analysis, information sharing, communication and publications.

Our values are Independence, Sustainability and Positive impact.

Our organization is composed of an Advisory Council, and a steering Board of active members consulted for the management of the organization.



Sustainable cities

Gender Equality

Governance & Dialogue

Peace Stability

is an independent initiative that connects global stakeholders active in Pilot development initiatives in the areas of Climate, Cities, Governance, Conflicts/Stability, the Environment and more generally the implementation of SDGs including Gender Equality.

Co-funded by EU

This project is co-funded by the European Union


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