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On March 27th, PILOT4DEV organized a panel on Women's Rights in Brussels. Jennifer Vasta, Founder and Executive Director of PIKA Foundation on Education is sharing her views and experience.

PILOT4DEV organized a panel on Women's rights in Brussels on March 27th. Gauri Khandekar took actively part as panelist. Gauri is Researcher at the V.U.B, Deputy Director of the Global Relations Forum, and Board member at PILOT4DEV.

On March 27th, PILOT4DEV organized an event on Women's Rights. Michiel Rijsberman gave an interesting opening!

Transitioning to a low-carbon and sustainable economy based on accessible and affordable renewable energy for all is a key pillar to achieve the targets set by the Paris Agreement. The changes required in our societies and economies are profound, so how are we to ensure a just transition for all, where no one is left behind and planetary boundaries are respected?

Universal access to energy is yet to become a reality. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 1.2 billion people currently live without access to electricity.

The 2017 EU-India Summit stands as a watershed moment in the relationship’s timeline having transformed EU-India ties into a veritable strategic partnership by securing it firmly onto two new forward-looking pillars – a platform for climate and energy cooperation and a partnership on sustainable urbanization. The summit also registered a pledge by the European Investment Bank to invest a further €800m in solar projects across India and the conclusion of a mobility agreement for young scientists and researchers.

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