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Pilot4DEV is pleased to share news of the Duluti Green Foundation Trust (Arumeru District, Tanzania) since our last visit in November 2021

The Tengeru Cultural Tourism Centre and the UKOMBOZI group:

The Duluti Green Foundation Trust includes the Tengeru Cultural Tourism Centre/Programme (TCTP) of which Ms Gladness Pallangyo is the director.

The UKOMBOZI group is a group of 12 women formed in 2018 and located in Maji ya Chai (Arumeru District), performing traditional dancing. The UKOMBOZI group is regularly invited to perform at the TCTP.

‘I have tourism program at my centre, so I thought of creating these women an opportunity by letting them interact with the tourists and get more benefit with what they're doing. This group has really inspired me since wherever there is plan concerning dance activity at my centre, they are usually on time’ - Gladness Pallangyo (Director of Tengeru Cultural Tourism).

The Duluti Green Foundation and the empowerment of women:

The empowerment of women is one of the pillars of TCTP's initiatives and activities.

In addition to the traditional dance services, Gladness provided the group with performance uniforms as well as with a specific trainer to teach the group how to make souvenirs products – SHANGA – and materials to create these souvenirs. These products are then sold at the TCTP as an additional way to empower these women by providing another source of income.

Finally, the TCTP and the UKOMBOZI group are jointly working on a new project involving poultry farming providing feathers, natural fertilizers, eggs and meat to local communities in an effort to create financial stability and food security.

The TCTP is now seeking to provide training to poultry management practices to the entire group. Additionally, a specific training will be given to some women to become themselves trainers so they will be able to pass the knowledge to other women in the group and in the community more broadly.

Green Duluti Women group

@ Duluti Green, Gladness, the group and a volunteer 

Discover more about the Duluti Green Foundation Trust and the Tengeru Cultural Tourism Centre!

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