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Pilot4DEV joined the Consultation Event of the 30th of September on the engagement of youth in the budgeting process in Tanzania

The Consultation Event took place as part of the Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project in Tanzania of which Pilot4DEV is a partner. It has been organized by REPOA and the partners organization (Dar Es Salaam).

 The project has two main objectives – to promote dialogue on economic, resources, policy and fiscal governance in Tanzania and to create a platform for sustainable dialogue including public and private stakeholders in different regions. Sub-objectives include the promotion and dissemination of high quality and evidence-based research on policies, resources, economic and fiscal governance, the engagement in debates among stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors, on economic and fiscal governance issues, especially with government stakeholders and the increasement of research capacity to expand the links, networks and connections among economic and governance research institutions in Tanzania.

So far, the project research team produced two studies: “Macroeconomic policies and Fiscal Reforms in Tanzania: Positive Developments” and “Tanzania’s Fiscal Governance, Budget Needs and Public Expenditure with and Analysis on Inequalities and Trust”. The two first policy briefs of the second studies are about the inclusion of women in the budgeting process and the engagement of youth in the budgeting process in Tanzania – which was the topic of this consultation event.

Please find out more about the studies and policy briefs at the following link:

Various speakers intervened during the Consultation Event to discuss this topic:

  • Neema Lugangira, member of the Tanzanian Parliament
  • Kamala Dickinson, Chair SADC Youth Parliament
  • Zildat Wahid Juma, Executive Director, ENVIDEC – Zanzibar
  • Thekla Schulte, Country coordinator, Tanzania, FARAJA Africa Foundation
  • Rahma Mwita, Executive Director, Open Youth Opportunity

Feel free to watch the event on Youtube at the following link:

Find more about the Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue project here:

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