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Pilot4DEV participated to a workshop on Early Warning System in Pangkalpinang City, Indonesia

On the 1st of October, a workshop was held to discuss flood management in Pangkalpinang as well as the possible developments regarding Early Warning Systems (EWS).

 The meeting has been organized the coordinator of the CRIC project – UCLG ASPAC – and gathered the BAPPEDA of Pangkalpinang City, BBWS Bangka Belitung, and relevant CRIC Partners.

Pilot4DEV and Université Gustave Eiffel jointly presented suggestions regarding the development of EWS in Pangkalpinang. Pilot4DEV presented two case studies in Bangladesh and in the Philippines offering opportunities of developments in the communication and dissemination of information in case of floods as well as in the use of ultrasonic sensors as EWS. Prof. Youssef Diab presented risk management as a 4 steps process – risk knowledge, monitoring/warning, dissemination/communication and response capability. He focused his suggestions on the synergies needed to stamp out floods.

The various participants presented their ideas in an enriched discussion led by Putra Dwitama, the content coordinator from UCLG ASPAC.

Please find attached the common presentation of Pilot4DEV (Pascaline Gaborit) and Université Gustave Eiffel (Youssef Diab) on EWS developments in Pangkalpinang as well as suggestions for future developments: EWS_Presentation.pdf

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