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Policy briefs of the first Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue study

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We invite you to explore the key findings of the first Pilot 4 Research and Dialogue study  encompassed into 3 separate policy briefs. Those briefs intent to summarize the effects of Macroeconomic policies on the mining sector, progress in regards to SDGs and Tanzanian youth employment and future.

The key focus of this study is to present the results of the interim assessment, which aimed to conduct an in-depth overview of Tanzania's macroeconomic and fiscal reforms as the second FYDP II (2015/16-2020/21) is implemented.

You can find below the 3 policy briefs below for ease of access:

Policy Brief 1 – “Two Decades of Reforms in the Mining Sector in Tanzania: A Way Forward”

This policy brief addresses the mining sector's current problems in order to offer guidance for the next step of reforms. The brief focuses on gold mining in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) and large-scale mining subsectors, respectively.

Policy Brief 2 – “Localizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tanzania: Redefining Responsibilities”

This brief reflects primarily on the main concerns in the new SDG deployment model that key stakeholders must address. The brief also suggests realistic approaches Tanzania might take to completely realize the SDGs' potential at the local level.

Policy Brief 3 – “Empowering Tanzanian Youths in Agribusiness: Lessons from the SUGECO Model”

This policy brief uses a case study from SUGECO's "Youth Special Incentive Schemes in Agribusiness in Tanzania (2014-2019)" project to argue for a more successful model of youth engagement in agribusiness.

In the coming months, two additional studies will be released by the Pilot 4 research and dialogue project, we will keep you updated as they become available.


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